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Beat Wolf


As a harp maker I build historical harps after selected originals.

As a harp restorer I carefully turn a 200-years-old antiquity into a playable treasure.

As a harp expert I can assist the museum staff in harp projects. I also may support private collectors with my technical advice.


Cordial welcome to my homepage ! Beside my range of historical harps and my services, you will find a lot of valuable information on the history of the harp. Take some time to discover interesting content in the menu and enjoy the numerous pictures on every page. You have questions that you cannot find answered on my website? Just write me an e-mail.

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» Copies of early harps – single action harp

» Original harps - antiquities

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Strings by SOFRACOB

I'm still keeping a quantity of high quality gut strings by the company SOFRACOB, which has finally stopped its production some years ago. The Sofracob strings were known for their outstanding sound character and they were very popular.

SOFRACOB  STRINGS to be sold now with 50% OFF !

I will no longer keep these strings in stock, but today I still can supply you with the larger gauges around Ø 1.00 - 1.70 for historical harps and single-action-harps (thinner strings are sold out). E-mail me your wishes.



The original harps (as well as their replicas) provide a clear and powerful sound even with their very light string tension. Thus allows a relaxed fingering and is balm for people who need or want to protect their finger joints. In addition the narrow string spacing facilitates the fingering and playing in octaves is easy for small hands without any overstretching.

Even people with fine finger structure or after having hand injuries play the historical harps effortlessly. Brisk and sparkling passages can be played very quickly without effort and thereby the articulation is precise and clear. This fact is amazing even for virtuoso players who are normally familiar with modern concert harps.

As a comparison: a concert harp keeps a total string tension of about 1'100 kp. On a historical single-action harp this is between 250 and 400 kp depending on age and type. The octave-spacing c° - c1 is about 112 mm on concert harps, but only 92 to 100 mm on historical harps.

» Copies of early harps – single action harp

» Original harps - antiquities 

Surprise bag

  In this column you will find funny curiosities, stolen from the depths of the Internet - or elsewhere. Open this magical treasure and enjoy the surprise. I will update the content time by time.

I wish you much fun.